VR Giant

Designed to carve curves at high speed, these skis are for dedicated skiers with a taste for performance.

VR Giant
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How to choose your binding?

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"The limit
is you."

With excellent carving control, even at high speed, these skis allow a change of pace, while giving the impression of skiing on a track.

Straight from our racing workshop, these giant slalom skis will delight experienced, thrill-seeking skiers, ready to race the clock.

  • Carving control
  • Pace change

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Choosing your bindings

Bare skis

Whatever bindings you choose, DYNAMIC skis guarantee performance and sensations.

Classic binding
Classic bindings - Salomon Z 12 GRIP WALK

Compatible with all boot types thanks to its new profile, the Z12 GRIPWALK offers precise transmission with maximum power.

Performance binding
Performance binding - Salomon X 12 TL

More resistant to pressure thanks to its metal components, high-performance racing plate and free heel and toe design, the X12 TL allows to fully enjoy the natural flex of skiing.