VR Giant

This ski, very accessible, is intended for skiers with a taste for performance.

Profile: 114 - 69 - 99mm

Radius : 16m mini / 20m maxi

Level: Intermediate to expert
VR Giant
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Total From 1 090

"Get started."

With its excellent cornering ability, it is at ease in any radius.

  • Carving control
  • Pace change
  • Stability

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Choosing your bindings

Bare skis

Whatever bindings you choose, DYNAMIC skis guarantee performance and sensations.

Classic bindings - Salomon Z 12 GRIP WALK

Binding : F12 GW Black
Plate: F455 Black
Its qualities: force transmission, agility and stability.

Binding Performance
Binding Performance - Salomon X 12 TL

More resistant to pressure thanks to its metal composition, its high-performance race plate and its free heels and toes, the Salomon X 12 TL binding allows you to exploit the natural flex of cross-country skiing.