VR All Piste

This ski is designed for versatile skiers with a good margin of progression.

Profile: 121 - 71 - 106 mm

Radius: 9m mini / 17m maxi

Level : Beginner to intermediate

VR All Piste
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Total From 990

"Your pleasure,
above all."

Safe by its stability, docile by its great maneuverability, this VR is a very accessible ski and adapts with ease on all types of slopes.

  • Accessibility
  • Versatility
  • Grip

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Bare skis

Whatever bindings you choose, DYNAMIC skis guarantee performance and sensations.

Classic bindings - Salomon Z 12 GRIP WALK

Binding : F12 GW Black
Plate: F455 Black
Its qualities: force transmission, agility and stability.